My name is Reza and I am a software engineer from Canada. My interests range from mobile development and web development to low level programming and machine learning. I have a B.Sc in Computer Science from University Of Calgary and currently reside in Mountain View, California. I work as a Senior Engineer at YourMechanic
Some Stuff I've done (mostly for fun)
An endless pit of funny pictures! updated automatically (a work in progress) check it out
Liisted is an employment aggregate for individuals seeking a career in the oil and gas industry. check it out
5 Differences is a picture puzzle game developed for iOS. You can get the four series from the App Store:
Hafez is an iOS app that provides a complete catalog of the 14th century Persian poet Hafez e Shirazi.
Smaller Stuff I've done:
  • Butterfly simulation using cocos2d YouTube, Github
  • Binary Search Tree implementation using Swift Github, Swiftstub
  • String-Swift String manipulation algorithms in Swift Github
  • Swift-Boids A simple implementation of Craig Reynolds' 1986 flock behaviour using SceneKit and SwiftYouTube, Github
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